Wojciech Rybicki

Born in 2001 in Bytom. An artist working in the field of choreography and performance.

A graduate of PERA School of Performing Arts in Northern Cyprus.

An artist-in-residence at Agit Lab in Portugal with a project under the working title ‘Merotica’ and at Scena Robocza in Poznań with a performance ‘idontlikemetut(yo)u’. He co-created performances such as ‘Swans’ at the Teatr Wielki in Poznań (FEDORA Audience Award), ‘Practice of Seeing’ at the Kazimierz Dejmek New Theater in Łódź and ‘The Mind is a Still Smoke in an Endless Space’ during the East African Nights of Tolerance in Kigali. As part of his diploma, he created dance roles in the choreographies: ‘Jackie Chan’ by Jos Baker, ‘When Life Do Us Part’ by Kiani del Valle and ‘Puzzle Work’ by Anton Lachky, presented in Girne and Lefkosa. From 2024, a member of Carrodunum Dance Company. Thanks to the artistic residency at Dance House Limassol, a dancer in the film ‘PTPD’ directed by Nicolas Karatzas at the 23rd Cyprus Choreographic Platform. Participant of various festivals, including Nowe Epifanie 2021 and SoloDuo 2021 in Budapest.

He had the opportunity to learn from leading dance teachers such as: Guy Cools, Jean Abreu, Or Marin, Julischka Stengele, Guy Nader, Rodia Vomvolou, Jacek Łumiński, Rakesh Sukesh, Yaghvali Falzari, Judith Sanchez Ruiz and others.